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1 • Acceptance and Conditions

When ordering, customers have to acknowledge having read and agreed with the General Sales Conditions listed on the website All orders are done in agreement with these general sales conditions. The general terms of sale apply to the contract between the B2C and his customer, both parties agreeing to it, without reservation. These general terms of sale prevail over all others mentioned on any other document, with the exception of preliminary formal and written dispensations.

The B2C company does its utmost to guarantee the reliability and accuracy of the content of its website. Although, photos, sketches, pictures and videos demonstrating the products are not subjected to the contract. The B2C company cannot be held responsible for any inaccurate statements that may appear in this content nor omissions of any kind.

2 • Orders

Online order forms are considered valid proof of the nature, content and date of the afore mentioned orders. The B2C company reserves the right to cancel any orders placed by a customer who has not honored payment of a previous order. Customer is liable for the personal information he submitted when placing his order.

3 • Shippings

All our shipments are free of charge.

All parcels are shipped from France, entrusted to the French mail service and delivered through the usual mail service of the customer's shipping location. The B2C company will do its utmost to ship its customers within a reasonable time according to the destination location (e.g. 3-6 working days after payment validation for the U.K.). If delivery is delayed or postponed, this does not give customers the right to claim compensation.
In order to ensure a safe delivery, the customer is supposed to have carefully checked the shipping data he provided during the order process. If the delivery address is incorrect or incomplete, the seller cannot be held responsible for non-delivery of his order. In case of delivery failure due to the customer, any reshipping request will be fulfilled at the customer's expense. Once his parcel is shipped, a notification email is sent to the customer including a tracking link valid for a period up to 30 days. Items are shipped at buyer's risk. The force majeure clause exempting seller from his obligation to deliver an order includes war, riots, fire, strikes, accidents and unavailabiliy of product.

4 • Return policy

If customers wish to return an order, they may do so up to 14 days after delivery. In case of exchange or refund request, item must be returned in new condition and in its original packing - including accessories, instructions for use and/or documentation - to the following address:

5 • Price

Prices are quoted in Pounds (£). The individual prices stated for each item do not include shipping costs. These are included in the total billing amount, which also includes taxes and VAT, packing and handling costs.

6 • Payment

Payment must be completed when the order is placed, by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer. Orders are only validated once payment is processed by the bank. If payment is refused, the order will automatically be cancelled.

7 • Disputes

The present contract is subject to the French law. The B2C company is not liable for damages of any sort - material or immaterial - including injuries occuring as a result of a faulty appliance or incorrect use of a product. In all cases, the B2C company is only liable for the cost of the item, but cannot be held responsible for simple mistakes or omissions which may have occured in spite of the best care brought to the packaging of the product.
If the customer should experience any difficulty with the application of this contract, he may, before taking any legal action, try and reach a mutual agreement with the help of:

  • A professional association,
  • A consumers association,
  • any other advisor of his choice.

Arrangements to reach a mutual agreement do not impede the "time limit" of the legal guarantee or the duration of the contract guarantee. As a general rule and under the reserve of legal ruling, the respect of the clauses listed in the present contract, referring to the contract guarantee, presumes that:

  • the buyer completes payment of his order,
  • the buyer uses the product and/or appliance for its intended purpose.

Complaints will be treated with the utmost attention, where the buyer clearly and truthfully exposes facts. In case of a commercial dispute, the customers will address the company in the first instance to try and reach a mutual agreement. If this should fail, only the Commercial Tribunal of Roubaix is competent to deal with the complaint, wherever the buyer placed the order and whatever the means of payment.

8 • Legal information

Order form must be completed with personal details, which are collected by online services for order processing, billing, shipping and guarantee. If the form is not properly completed, the order will automatically be cancelled. In agreement with the French Data Protection Act - The processing of personal information is subject to notification to the CNIL*. French law article 34 of the 6th January 1978 gives user the right to access his personal details to rectify, amend or withdraw any of these.

* The CNIL (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés) is an independent French administrative authority whose mission is to ensure that data privacy law is applied to the collection, storage, and use of personal data. Website: CNIL (in English).

Customers may receive by mail up-to-date news and special offers from the B2C company. If the customer does not wish to receive these commercial offers, all he has to do is send an e-mail with his name and address, to:

All personal information can be accessed and rectified by the user. He also has the right to request that personal information be removed from the customer files of the B2C company. This personal data is collected so that visiting the Imperial Beard website is made more easy and enjoyable. For example, it is not necessary to re-enter personal information. All the optional features of the website are turned on and easily accessible to user. the customer is requested to fill in his address when placing an order for shipping and billing purposes. Customer's phone number will be necessary in case the delivery company or the B2C company need to contact customer for order tracking and/or delivery. The B2C company will inform consumer on the status of his order and answer any questions by e-mail. Banking details remain strictly confidential and are not accessible to third parties.