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This bag includes:

- A barber apron
- A pocket beard comb
- Boar hair brush
- Professional beard scissors


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The barber apron is a garment that fits round your neck and is attached to the mirrors thanks to suction pads with blocking levers. While shaving, hair fills it like a hammock. It’s practical, easy to use and ensures your bathroom stays clean.

It doesn’t take up much space and folds away easily.

  • One size only. Can be adjusted.
  • Made with easy to clean polyester.

The pocket comb is a contour tracer for beards. This practical device makes it possible to hide the beard you don’t want to trim and ensure that only the hairs you want to remove are visible. All you need to do is mark out perfect contours by using a basic razor or a safety razor.

This cleverly designed device hugs the curves of your face. The curved beard comb enables you to trace the contour of your beard around:

  • the cheeks
  • the jawbones
  • your neck
Le peigne pochoir est un traceur de contours pour barbe. C’est un outil pratique, permettant de cacher la barbe à préserver de la tonte ou du rasage pour ne laisser apparaître que les poils à éliminer. Pour cela il suffit de tracer des contours parfaits en utilisant un simple rasoir ou un rasoir de sûreté.
Cet outil est bien pensé car il épouse les courbes du visage. La courbe du pochoir à barbe permet de tracer le contour de la barbe au niveau des joues, au niveau des maxillaires, au niveau du cou

The boar hair beard brush helps you to:

  • smooth the beard,
  • untangle knots,,
  • make the beard density even,
  • reduce the volume of the beard.
  • ensure an oil or beard lotion is perfectly applied.
  • avoid static electricity thanks to the boar hair.
  • Its design makes it easy to handle.

The scissorswill allow you to look after your beard and moustache like a true professional. Beard scissors make it possible to cut unwanted facial hair easily thanks to their thin sharp ends.

Beard scissors allow you to:

  • obtain a good finish: These scissors will enable you to trim long hairs that are difficult to manage and tend to stick out. You will consequently be able to finish your beard and moustache with precision.
  • working on contours: these scissors will also enable you to work in a precise manner on the contours of your beard and moustache.

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Présentation The barber apron + The pocket comb + The boar hair beard + The scissors
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